Data Processing

In certain businesses, data collection and processing take up so many valuable resources that it puts pressure on the bottom-line

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Advantage for you

Over 100 Data specialists at your service

Data Tapes are stored in adapted boxes

We are specialists in data protection

Your data will be safe in our offices

Our Commitment

Your documents will be stored in permises compliant with the Bulgarian standards and your internal policies. Our permises are equiped with fire protection, intrusion protection, temperature control, humidity control, mice and insects protection and full time life guard.

Why is Data Processing so important ?

Managers that are spending a lot of time on data collection and processing do not spend enough time on the only the activity adding the most value, data analysis.

International Data Centres

We provide Data Processing as a service or as a part of integrated solutions, thus processing millions of pages per year in the preferred language of our clients. Our data processing centres operate in English, French, Spanish, German, Russian and Bulgarian.

A large team, well equiped

More than 100 data analysis and data entry specialists work in our data processing centres. We apply automated optical recognition technology; however, when it is not applicable we can switch to manual data entry.
Our centres operate to the highest quality standards of the industry and provide the highest level of productivity.

We are an interesting choice !

Combined with our low cost location, we are able to provide clients with a low cost service at a high quality of data processing regardless of the nature and volume of the documents. We meet the highest standards of quality application methods such as computer assisted error detection, 100% manual quality control and continuous quality improvement methods.

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