Document Scanning

Potential clients are finding out that large amount of paper documents is very difficult to manage in-house

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Our advantages

Our scanners are able to scan document up to A3-size.

High-Tech scanning systems for a scanning of quality

Providing a solution for Scanning in your office

HDS provide the service of ours Scanning Centers

What is our purpose ?

We use state-of-the art scanning and referencing systems to create the quality of scanned documents required by our customers. We provide either up-front bulk scanning of documents, which are then referenced to the overall document index allowing you to search for the document in electronic format or on-demand scanning of documents that you may require on an ad-hoc basis.

HDS Scanning Centers

HDS has dedicated scanning centres for bulk scanning of documents for sizes up to the A3 paper format. The large number and variety of scanners allows the use of the most adaptable technologies for our clients’ requirements. Upon your instructions, we can make your documents available for frequent and convenient use. The use of electronic copy has a number of advantages over the use of the paper originals, such as extending the longevity of paper documents, quicker access and simultaneous use. These scanned documents can be accessed through our Online Electronic Archive service or provided on an optic media such as DVD.

Scanning plate-form in your office

For clients with multiple offices/branches using our Online Electronic Archive services and solutions we can provide an onsite-scanning platform customised for the specific solution. This will allow scanning in a productive way and to transfer the documents related to the solution provided to our centre. Your documents will be available online in your electronic archive a few minutes after being scanned.

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