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Advantage for you

Your documents are safely stored in our offices

You can regulate who will have access to your documents

The workspace inside your office will be expended

You have multiple ways to access your documents

Archiving, expensive but important

Large companies with many branches spend millions each year for couriers sharing documents around the world. This process is both inefficient and time consuming. Other companies have created good paper archives but access on demand is difficult and time consuming. In addition, archives are spread around multiple locations, thus increasing the cost of access and storage.

Our solution for your problems

HDS’s Electronic Archiving solution is extremely useful for multi-branch organisations allowing rapid document sharing. No more sending by post or e-mailing of scanned documents, the information is accessible in a fraction of a second. Your documents are securely protected via security certificates, logins and passwords. Access to documents can be restricted – it is the client who determines the access rights. All information transmissions are secured via Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption technology.

Multiple ways to access your document

The update of your Online Electronic Archive is ensured in various ways. The scanning and uploading of all back files and ongoing documents can be ensured by our proximity centres or by scanning platforms installed in your office. Our data centre ensures manual or automatic indexing of your documents.

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