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Our company is based in the center of Sofia, we have multiple data centers across Europe, in France or in Bulgaria

Cloud-based software

Providing you secured applications. Data will be registred on the cloud, so we can keep it safe !

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Our solution's have satisfied several international clients such as Schneider Electronic...

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We are a division of HDS Group , leading provider of cloud-based software applications in Europe


Our company is based in several parts of Europe like France, Russia, Bulgaria, UK...


Document Archiving

Most organisations produce a significant quantity of paper documents, which have to be safeguarded for a number of years for operations or legal purposes.

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Document Destruction

Your volume of records is growing up uncontrollably unless you institute a proper records retention and disposal program.

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Data Tape Protection

Sensitive data is continuously put at risk at companies. In addition, there is the risk of natural disaster such as flooding, fire, terrorist attack, etc.

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Electronic archiving

Large companies with many branches spend millions each year for couriers sharing documents around the world. This process is both inefficient and time consuming.

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Data Processing

We provide Data Processing as a service or as a part of integrated solutions, thus processing millions of pages per year in the preferred language of our clients.

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Document Scanning

Potential clients are finding out that large amount of paper documents is very difficult to manage in-house. The equipment to do it is expensive and it takes a lot of time. We have our methods !

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